The CNSM 2011 workshops invite researchers and practitioners to share and discuss their ongoing works, research and practical development experiences, and original results on specific new challenges and emerging trends in relation to the management of networks and services.

We welcome your contributions and look forward to your participations at CNSM 2011 workshops.

Important Dates

Workshops date: October 23-29, 2010

Please refer to the workshops websites for more details on the deadlines and other important dates.

Workshops List

SVM 2011

5th International DMTF Academic Alliance Workshop on Systems and Virtualization Management: Standards and the Cloud



Mark Carlson - Oracle
Pedro Assis - Institute of Engineering of the Porto Polytechnic
Carlos Becker Westphall - Federal University of Santa Catarina Brazil
Michelle Sibilla - Paul Sabatier University
Hanan Lutfiyya - The University of Western Ontario
Vitalian A. Danciu - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Latifa Boursas Si Youcef - iC Consult GmbH Germany
Kes Wold - Wold Consulting
Shannon Keith - Wold Consulting


The primary theme of SVM 2011 will be "Systems and Virtualization Management: Standards and the Cloud". With the advent and increasing popularity of Cloud Computing, systems management and virtualization management technology has taken on increasing importance. The goal of SVM 2011 is to illuminate related standards and research issues, covering areas such as: what are the implications of standards for virtualization in Cloud Computing, what advances in information models and protocols aid in managing Clouds, what new problems will we incur when managing Cloud offerings and services, and how management itself might benefit from virtualization and the Cloud. Submissions on topics related to managing Clouds, virtualization of distributed resources/services and work in management standardization are thus particularly encouraged.

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ICQT 2011

7th International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technologies



Program Co-Chairs:
Johanne Cohen (Univ. Versailles)
Patrick Maille (Institut Telecom/Telecom Bretagne)
Steering Committee:
Peter Reichl (FTW Vienna)
Burkhard Stiller (Univ. Zurich)
Bruno Tuffin (INRIA Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique)


With the appearance of new technologies and new services, the nature of the economic stakes in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector is continually evolving. An illustration is the soaring number of providers who base their business models on publicity instead of bandwidth selling. Following the same tendency, the power relationships have radically changed in the last decade, between the providers offering connectivity, and those managing services and user identities (content providers, cloud computing providers, social networks). While future business models and regulatory frameworks are still under discussion, the provision of efficient charging support for the variety of upcoming network technologies, including fixed networks, wireless access networks, and mobile user support, has become of paramount importance for realizing the economic potential of future convergent architectures and services. The resulting combination of technical and economic perspectives drives many relevant research topics for application developers, business architects, network and service providers, and customers. Especially the identification of novel service charging solutions, the investigation and evaluation of their technical feasibility, and the consolidation of technical and economic mechanisms for enabling a fast, guaranteed, and efficient charging of services is of fundamental importance for the future evolution of the Internet and the telecommunications business in general, and as such the central focus of the international ICQT workshop series. ICQT 2011 is the seventh event in this series, following the highly successful ICQT workshops in Vienna 2001, Zurich 2002, Munich 2003, Barcelona 2004, St. Malo 2006, and Aachen 2009.

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